What's Included

This monthly box subscription is perfect for the Christian woman who wants to deepen her understanding of God’s Word, spend more time with Jesus, and connect with other Christian women to celebrate who we are in Christ! Treat yourself to a box you can feel great about receiving or send a subscription to a friend who needs a little encouragement through the year. After all, don’t we all need encouragement?


Each month you’ll receive  new worship music in your box so you can spend time praising Jesus each day in song before you begin your devotion.


Start your morning with a devotion and be ready to tackle the day with a dose of encouragement from the scriptures. Each box contains devotions that connect with the box theme.

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Every woman needs a trinket to keep close by that reminds her of who she is in Jesus Christ, so each month you will receive a piece of jewelry. However you choose to use it is up to you, but let it be a reminder of the monthly theme and what you learn from scripture.

Book & Bookmark

We love stories of hope, inspiration, and joy that are testimonies to God’s faithfulness and goodness. Along with all of your other wonderful items, you’ll also have a new book to read in your box. And to help you keep your place we have included a bookmark.

Coffee Mug

A coffee cup/mug is our way of helping you get your day ready while enjoying your quiet time. Each mug includes inspiration and a treat inside.

EncouragHer Card

These cards are a joy to include. Each box comes with one card and is randomly selected. The encouragement on the card is sent from one of our sisters in Christ and could be from anywhere in the world! How amazing is it that God would connect so many women in such a beautiful way!

Be an EncouragHer

There are also 1 or 2 featured friends products each month, as well as the occasional surprise added.

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